5 Pin Trailer Plugs

5 pin trailer plugs are ideal for the smaller, box type trailers that don't require electrics brakes or reversing lamps. Typically 5 pin trailer plugs and sockets are less expensive than 6 or 7 pin trailer plugs and they also less expensive to wire up with 5 core trailer cable being significantly less expensive than 7 core trailer cable. We have detailed the three main sorts of 5 pin trailer plug types and please click on any of the images for more detail.
Plastic Round 5 Pin Trailer Plug
Hella's Plastic 5 Pin Large Trailer Plug and Narva's Large Round Trailer Plug in ABS housing are terrific light weight tough products with quality terminals and pins to ensure a great connection to the trailer socket.
Metal Round Metal 5 Pin Trailer Plug
We supply both Narva and Hella 5 Pin Large Round Metal Trailer Plug products as both are very high quality and extremely durable in harsh environments
5 Pin Trailer Plug Adapter
These Trailer adapters by Narva are a versitile way to connect one car to many different trailer types of vica versa. Applicable to Vic, SA, Tas and New Zealand, these conveient trailer adapters are manufactured to the highest quality standards featuring tough ABS housings with nickel plated terminals for improved conductivity.
Trailer Plug
Trailer Plugs
Hella Large Round 5 Pin Trailer Plug Hella Large Round 5 Pin Trailer Plug Narva Large Round 5 Pin Trailer Adapter

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